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Olen sana-, ääni- ja ilmaisutaiteilija. Esiinnyn siellä ja täällä, silloin ja tällöin. Nettisivustoni tarkoitus on jakaa kokemukseni ja inspiroitua elämän seikkailusta yhdessä ja erikseen.

I am a word, voice and expression artist. I perfom here and there, now and then. My webpage´s purpose is to share my experiences and get inspired of life´s adventure together and apart.

with love,

A parallel world

Soft vibration from the sound of human voice spreads all around. It creates a new space for being, space for creation a parallel world. 

Turn left. There is a salty water all around with pushing by air waves. Smell of place of no life around.

Turn right. There is a woods with huge old trees with naked branches. Heavy silence between dry trees and no birds singing. 

Turn left again. Was there anyone? 

Looking straight and seeing no one but sensing own presence. No one else around. Sound, voice and vibration in the air. 

Spicy you

Look at me with your narrow eyes and spiced beauty of yours. You built up with mountain`s strength and freedom of steppe. I miss this energy for my everyday life.
Look at me. Keep your eyes on me, let us talk with no sound. Tell me your story when you ran there up the hill to watch the world from the very top of your country. Describe me that smell of field grass. Let me hear that sound of the sky you walked under. Let me feel your story.


From the very small and tiny hole there is sound coming. It is high and low sound at the same time. This sound feels complete, balanced. Whatever would happend at this time with sound coming from that hole there would be no rush anywhere. This moment of listening is just what was looked for hours, days, months..
It feels like making that hole wider to get more of that sound, but there is a risk this beauty would dissapear completely. It is just better to be gentle and take everything what is happening right now, here in this dark room of shadows.